Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An open letter to Newt Gingrich

Yes, I haven't posted in a while. The new shop and life keep getting in the way. But tonight as I was doing the dishes I got a phone call from American Solutions, asking if I'd listen to Newt's message and then I was asked for a donation. I listened--I've always liked Mr. Gingrich--but my heart sank as I listened to him. I tried to explain myself to the telemarketer on the other end of the line, but I know all she heard was "No." Anyway, I need to say more...

Dear Mr. Gingrich,

I received a phone call tonight from your organization, American Solutions. When you formed this group I excitedly watched for great ideas to emerge. Maybe, even, a presidential bid. (I understood, but was a little disappointed, when you said you couldn't run because of campaign finance issues and this new group.) I was happy to listen to your recorded message of solutions you were proposing. I think there were supposed to be 12 solutions, but you only listed four or five in the recording.

I didn't donate. I want you to know why: You didn't go far enough.

The time is gone for fretting over spending my tax dollars. This oligarchy in Washington is bent on spending my grandchildren's money at this point. My children didn't get a voice in this. Speak to that, Mr. Speaker. Speak to the worst generational theft ever perpetrated.

Please don't say you'll "end wasteful government spending." The only way to reduce government waste is to reduce the government. We both know it. SAY IT. You have a national platform, so please say it for us.

Talk about the obscene nationalization of the banks and now the car companies. Talk about taking my health care choices out of my hands because the collective will make better decisions for us all. Talk about a system that doesn't apply the rule of law but rather the rule of "who you know."

Your words were weak and timid, Mr. Speaker. Frankly, it surprised me. I am proud to have voted for you back when you represented the 6th district of Georgia, and I've followed your career with its ups and (let's be frank) its downs. In the past, I've admired your boldness, even when the specific ideas were half-baked. I love someone who is willing to say and try new things, and I always new I could count on you for that.

So where has that Newt gone? You are most statesmanlike at your boldest. Please reconsider your position, and the tenor of your statements. We have a President on the edge of a pivotal, and possibly terrible, trip to the Middle East, a current Speaker who condemns the very men and women sworn to protect her and all of us, and a Vice President who is bent on disclosing every secret he's privy to. Step up. You can be the elder statesman here, but be that statesman boldly. Now, of all times, is no time for lukewarm reconciliation. Our country is in peril, Mr. Speaker. You and I both feel it. Please find the boldness that has been your hallmark during your entire career. Our country needs that boldness; our country needs you.


The mom