Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Checking in

Just a quick post...I miss blogging, and there is so much going on, and I'd like to share a little of what it's like to open up a business, too.  But this will have to suffice for now.

The shop has been open for ten days now, and it is rolling along nicely.  I'm starting to sell out of a few things, and so one of my worries is how to handle re-ordering, and how to not spend too much!

I hear "We're so glad you are here!" at least three times a day.  That is good for the old ego but at some point you can't coast on that.  Dealing with technology has been a major pain, even with my vaunted Macs.  (Can you believe TWO defective, mice?)  

Another surprising pain is display to balance spending money on lovely store fixtures with needing to not spend too much?  Merchandising is key to retail, and it is fun, but biting off a $500 $1000 expense when I'm just starting out is a big decision.  I spent several thousand on fixtures and improvements, but it wasn't quite enough.  Guess I'll be looking for some more today.

The best part?  Just chatting and getting to know my customers!  And seeing my customers meet one another in the store...yesterday at three different times I had groups just sitting and chatting (and they did eventually buy, which is important).  But I really want my shop to be a hub, a gathering place, and I think that it is moving in that direction!


CastoCreations said...

What are you selling? I think I missed that post. :)

I've wanted to own my own store for SO long but it's not realistic at the moment. I hope you'll blog about your learning curve and help those of us who want to do something similar in the future.

And take photos! =) I want to see your new set up.

Mary said...

Cheryl - my sister said she loved your store. I will have to get in one of these days to check it out! Hope you are well!

Mary said...

btw, I just posted the link to your blog on my Twitter account!