Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feeling inspired

And maybe restless. A lovely friend, a homeschooling mom, is so faithful about posting to her blog, and I love to read it. And I want to join in the noise again!

I've delinked my blog from the shop, so my customers can't find it unless they really really look. That way, maybe, I can share a little bit of what the view is like from behind the counter. I also have discovered a new passion, horses, and my children continue to grow and change before I can even take a deep breath! Oh, and we're are helping to start a new congregation here in our little town, a Lutheran congregation, but so far unaffiliated with any particular "flavor."

I miss the sharing, although it always feels like I launch my words into the ether that is the interwebs. I've noticed from sitemeter that I've been getting a few hits a week even though the blog has been sleeping, so maybe it's time. Aim low.

1 comment:

musicalmary said...

Blog on! I am reading. :-)