Monday, November 15, 2010

Gratitude No. 6

I am a knitter.  I am grateful for the warm alpaca, soft silk, fuzzy mohair, and all the other wonderful fibers I've been using lately.  This is the reason to knit--the ripe color and the absolute luxury, even if only enjoyed for a few minutes every day.  And the repetitive motion can be very meditative and restful.

In this picture are two projects I'm working on.  The teal blue is alpaca/silk/mohair, destined to be a large shawl just for me.  Unbelievably yummy, and absolutely unlike anything I could buy for myself.  The greens are a pattern I'm creating for some fingerless mitts, handpainted 100% alpaca.  Mitts so you get to touch the fabric all the time.  Chunky and soft soft soft.  Oh, and those black needles are ebony.

My shop is a yarn shop, so it's my business to get other people to "buy in" to this fiber love.  It feels good, though, to know I can still enjoy it so much!

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