Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Joining in the Yarn Along

My first time participating in Ginny's Yarn Along, sharing what I'm knitting and reading.

Knitting:  Here's what I touched this week.

D's little throw.  This is Tree Knitter's Sugar Maple Shawl, my second one.  This time it's out of Florafil cotton yarn, which is absolutely delightful to work with.  You can find it at a cute little shop in Peachtree City.  (Yes, this was my shop!)  It's off the needles because I hit the part where I have to pick up 250 stitches around the edge for a ruffle.  The only yucky part of that pattern. 

I just started this shawl/scarf out of Macaibo.  It is going to be a shop sample.  Miles of garter stitch, mindless knitting.  The pattern is mine out of my head.

This is a mystery shawl I'm doing on Ravelry, from Misti Alpaca HandPaint Lace.  I've never done a square shawl, so the 2011 KALendar is a good one because it's just a little at a time.

And, miracle of miracles, I read a book this week.  It is only a little book, but worth your time.  I actually read it while I drank my second cup of coffee one morning.  Do The Work by Steven Pressfield.  And, while it would be a great book to buy, it's available as a FREE Kindle download!

Hopefully I'll be back for another Yarn Along.

And, credit to my friend Mary, who has a great blog at Homegrown Learners.  She introduced me to Small Things.  Oh, the things you discover on the interwebs!

Edited:  GRRRR.  Google doesn't want to load pictures right now.  I'll be back to try to update this later.

Edited again.  There.  I fixed it.


musicalmary said...

Oh great! A free book for my Kindle App! Thank you. I am so envious of your knitting abilities, Cheryl. When will I be able to knit like this? I'm still working on the same scarf from two weeks ago!

Swanski said...

All of your knitting projects looks very lovely.