Thursday, July 21, 2011


This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately:  how to be consistent between my long term vision of what I want for my life, and the short time things I want to do now. 

When I sold the shop, I was very clear on my purpose.  I wanted to be home with my family, to take care of them and my home, and to enjoy things that I had set aside because I was "too busy."  I am a horrible balancer--that is something that I see now!  On vacation last fall, I realized how much I truly love and LIKE my kids, and that M is two-thirds of the way to leaving home.  The others will be hard on his heels.  How did that happen?!  Days turn into months and years while I'm not looking.  I turned to my home life resolving to be mindful of the days.

For the most part, it's been great.  We have had a fun, jam-packed summer.  But I do find little inconsistencies creeping when I need to get chores done before we go play, but then I sit down to read, or check someone's blog, or knit one more row.  And pretty soon an hour is gone.  Or a morning!  And that kind of thing bugs me.  I think it is just fine to read or knit, but I want to do it on purpose.  Maybe this post should be titled "Intentionality."

Anyway, I need to be packing!  We are headed on a very fun (I hope) vacation, and we are all looking forward to hanging out together and eating lots of lobster and ice cream.  I've been mulling this idea of acting consistently with my aim for our home, and I think I will welcome the change in perspective.

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