Thursday, September 15, 2011

A little of everything

Lots going on, but quite a few things have caught my eye just enough for a few lines:

Does our President have a Messiah complex?  I hadn't thought about it in reading the transcript of his remarks in North Carolina, but today I heard it:          
My first thought was from John:  "If you love me, keep my commandments."  But, yikes!  Jesus said that.  And I also thought of the exchange at the end of our Lord's earthly ministry:  "Do you love me? Feed my sheep."  (It was longer than that.)  It just seems wrong, very wrong, to be talking about politics alongside the words that Jesus said, but I'm just pointing out how very odd Obama's words were. I don't think I know anyone who has ever framed a request like that.   (I think this is reportable.  You know, in case you feel like it or something.)

Meant to post this back before 9/11:  Read the Gettysburg Address and think about United Flight 93 as you do it, especially the second and then the third paragraphs.  It works.  It is amazing.  Lincoln's words are American Scripture.

Solyndra keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I blogged about the beginning of the unraveling here.  This remains something to keep an eye on.  It is interesting that in the Congressional hearings this week the officials attempted to blame the Bush administration.  Yes, the loan guarantees were one of the many things that Bush did that I was not in favor of.  But this particular company had red flags all over it, and was only pushed through when Rahm Emmanuel started jumping up and down.  It happens that an employee called the Mark Levin radio show, just as a caller.  She said everyone knew the plant would fail.  Here is a link to the call.  Hmmm....

Since the name wasn't taken yet, Rep. Gohmert introduced the "American Jobs Act."  Wait--isn't that the President's bill?  Why, no, that one still hasn't been introduced.  This one is from a Texas Republican who saw the name hadn't been taken yet, so he jumped in.  His bill is two pages and basically repeals the corporate income tax.  Juvenile?  Yes, I suppose.  But I love this kind of thing!  And, um, Mr. President?  Congress can't pass a bill until someone introduces it.  You might want to check on that.

What is with some of the college football teams and their uniforms this year?  I mean, really, Maryland?  Really?

Speaking of that, my wonderful husband shared with me that Texas may try to join the ACC.  Seriously?  That's the Atlantic Coast Conference.  I think that to legitimately be in the ACC that you should be within spring break distance of Florida or South Carolina.  Just because.

Beautiful, well-written, interesting article on President Bush (43).  This is fascinating because the author doesn't agree with Bush, didn't vote for him, but still manages to see him as a human being.  It's a long article but well worth the time it takes to read it.  (found via Instapundit, because he has all the good links)

Khan Academy!  We love it.  D did math on it the last two days.  Sal Khan's blog is here, and make sure to read this post.  I have an undergraduate engineering degree, and I know I would have approached my education differently had it been more project-based, as he advocates.  I can only hope this is the direction that lots of education is going.

Why am I so late to the Firefly party?  Thank you, Netflix!  If you haven't found this little gem of a program, check it out.  We finished all fourteen episodes but still need to watch the movie. 

That's it for now.  Now you have a glimpse into exactly how random my mind is!

EDITED:  Apparently I'm not the only one who heard a reference to Scripture in Obama's statement.  I just saw this at the Wall Street Journal.

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nooneofanyimport said...

Seems like Obama says something ridiculous every single day. Messianic complex, oh maybe but debatable. Narcissism for sure. And also not that smart.

Nice mix, this post. Thanks for sharing.