Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week in Review, 8/17/13 Edition

I start this post with a picture to remind myself that it was just a week ago--can it only be a week?!--that we were able to use the pool.  This week has been dreary, and I'm sitting here now in my Uggs because it is 63 degrees and raining!  In AUGUST!! 

But here is a look back at our week, the first full week of school.  It was a week of building routines and setting priorities.  Here's a good example:

Someday this will be a blackboard.  (sigh) This is our week, with our Cozi calendar at the bottom along with the school lunch menu.  Cozi needs to be a separate post--it is invaluable for managing our crazy schedules!  Anyway, at dinner on Sunday night we all set one or two goals for the week and wrote them down on post-its.  This weekend we'll go over it and see how everyone did.  This week we set the bar low--Paige's goal was "survive middle school" so we aren't trying to change the world here.  But I read the book Personal Kanban this summer and think it is worth incorporating some of it into our family life.  Start small, aim low, that's us.

We had Parents' Night on Monday at the elementary school, which was only eventful in that it stormed so hard the thunder shook the blackboards!  With only one in elementary school now, this was a pretty easy night.

We did manage to fit in the usual riding lesson on Tuesday.  This was miraculous in that we had decent weather--at least half of the summer the arenas have been too wet to use. 

Darcy started violin lessons!  She has been begging for a violin for at least a year, but I waited just to see if it was a passing fancy.  It may still pass, but for now she has one lesson under her belt and loves it.  We shall see.

I feel like I don't mention Jack or Matthew, but it's just because they are so consistent.  Jack is happily back to band at school and playing three instruments.  Matthew has football practice every blessed day until at least 6:15.  I feel like I never see him!  But high school seems to be off to a good start.  He likes his teachers a lot and seems to be balancing everything so far.

Friday was the Matthew's first chance to play "under the lights" at school, in an inter-school scrimmage.  He got decent playing time considering he is a freshman on the varsity team and is at a new position (inside linebacker).  I wish I'd gotten more pictures but this one from the run-through will have to suffice.  Bill and I worked in the concession stand for most of the game so we could get rid of that obligation early!

And that brings us to today, a perfectly dreary day, custom-made for snuggling in and watching YouTube*.  Bill said earlier that it feels like October, but at least October has football to make up for it!  I agree.  We've been really lazy, just making a little jaunt to the Farmers' Market to get out of the house for a bit.  We had planned a trip to the lake for some wakeboarding, but alas! it was not to be.

Looking ahead to next week:

More dreariness.  With rain.  Would whoever is doing the rain dance please stop?

*Just to make you smile, here is what they were watching.  Soooooo cute:

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