Friday, February 13, 2009

Apparently only barely back...

First, let me just share that starting a shop is a lot of work.  A LOT.  But it is also incredibly fun--so many balls to keep in the air:  the contractors, the sales reps, all the "official" stuff like the LLC and tax numbers, publicity.  I am having a good time.

And it is a good thing, because the news is so depressing that I would otherwise just cry.  The ultra-maroons (Thanks, Bugs!) in Washington are stealing from my children and grandchildren.  Stealing from me, I could handle.  I didn't vote for those guys, but I did vote, and this is how the system works.  My children, on the other hand, didn't have a vote.  This is taxation without representation, and as I recall this is the reason we had the Revolution in the first place.  For the first time in my life I am so angry, so disgusted that I understand what my ancestors were thinking when they went to war against England.  I GET IT.  And I want to do something but I feel powerless.

Ronald Reagan once said, "All great ideas in America begin around the dinner table."  And the other night I had an idea...the Million Kid March.  Imagine a million kids with their parents on the Mall or right in front of the capital, protesting this disgusting act.  Heck, I'd take a few thousand.  My poor children, wide-eyed at their mother's anger at this fraud they are perpetrating on the American people, decided that it sounded great.  I want someone to plan it, tell me where to go and I'll show up, four kids in tow.  We live ten hours from Washington and as busy as I am, we would do it.  Would you?  Could we plan this?  What are your ideas?  

Here's one of my about this, to anyone who will listen.  Call the shows, contact the big bloggers.  Congress isn't listening (except:  shout out to my Congressman, Lynn Westmoreland, for the anti-pork pledge) so we have to find other channels.  We can't let this go without a fight.  The conference committee has given us a few extra days...could we do this?

See?  I told you I'm angry.  Instead I'm pouring my energy into things I can control, but it makes me feel weak.  What can we do?

Special shout-out to Jean:  sorry to hear about your hurt shoulder.  Take care, and use the time to watch some great movies.  


CastoCreations said...

It is a GREAT idea!

Unfortunately, those of us who are furious are the ones who are working and don't have time to go protest like a stinky hippy liberal. *sigh*

I am trying not to think about the world as it will be for my unborn baby. I'm just going to be happy that we're having one and that we will teach it the right way.

Mary said...

I love the idea of your March, Cheryl. Thank you for verbalizing what so many of us are feeling.