Friday, January 30, 2009

Whew! I'm Back

Crazy January.  And I know I should have posted, but I was cooking up something and just couldn't seem to get up the energy to blog.  But I'm fine.  In case you were worried.

So here's the deal...I've decided to open a yarn shop, the kind of little local spot people can come to and hang out and have a cup of coffee and BUY YARN.  (I have to pay the rent!)  I know it seems bizarre.  I just quit school, and now this?  Well, back before Thanksgiving DH and I were eating dinner and I told him, "I should just open a yarn shop."  And he said, "I think that's a great idea!"  So of course I was off and running, reading books about retail and yarns and looking at every store in the area.  I haven't been knitting my whole life, either, so I've been knitting like a madwoman.  

This is soon!  The landlord in exactly the spot I wanted came through with a very generous offer, so he pushed my timetable up a lot.  The lease starts on Sunday, and there is an incredible amount to think about:  business license, POS system, renovating the space, meeting with vendors and sales reps, trying to get the word out about the new shop.

The web site will be up soon, and when it is I'll post a link to it.  I'm not going to link from there back to this blog, though, because I still like talking about politics and I don't want to mix business with that.

So, here we go.  DH has always been an entrepreneur but I never have been.  Retail can be challenging...lots of time in the store, dealing with the public, the inventory.  But it is also so exciting.  I don't want this to be a bad bet.  There is an expression:  "Worried women knit."  Let's hope that lots of worried women find their way to my store!  (Men, too.  We're equal opportunity knitters!)

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