Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Outing myself.

See that stack of books?  That is the better portion of my second-grader's curriculum...we've decided to homeschool D this year.

You may know our kids attend a private school that we are generally very happy with.  Once I no longer had the shop, though, of course I took the opportunity to consider where I thought each child was, and whether each one might benefit from a change.  D had a good year last year, and I love her teachers.  But as I watched her, I found her reading and doing math at a much higher level than I'd observed in her schoolwork.  I think the little scamp has been holding out on us!

So we are spending a year finding out how D really learns, and how best to move her along.  I am really excited about it.  And so is she--she has always been Mom's girl.  I mean, she is utterly devoted to me!  While I harbor no illusions about this being a cakewalk, she certainly did jump at the chance to stay home with me. 

I've always thought homeschooling would be a great option.  For a while I was overwhelmed with four very young kids very close together, and then we decided that our best option upon exiting the public school here was a private school.  We love our school family.  But I am looking forward to choosing how to teach some things, like writing, and I'm also looking forward to integrating some topics together, like history and literature.  And D is looking forward to learning cursive a year earlier than planned!

We are losing out on one big benefit of homeschooling, namely being on our own schedule, since we'll still have three at school.  (Oh how I hate an early-August start!!) But it is a real blessing to have the flexibility of looking at each child's needs and talents, and then figure out how best to educate each one.

I don't know if we'll do this for a year, or three, or ten.  But I am excited to start a new season in our family, and to be able to shepherd D through the next year.

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