Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paris Sweets II

The second recipe in Dorie Greenspan's Paris Sweets:  Korova Cookies.  The verdict:  intense cocoa fabulosity.  These are well worth making again!  Here we go...

 The sifted cocoa and flour, which gets added to the butter/sea salt/sugar mixture.  Yes, I said sea salt.
Mix until it looks crumbly.  Then add chunks of bittersweet chocolate.  Since we only had Dove Dark Chocolate hearts on hand, I just chopped up a few:
These were added to the dough.  Shape the dough into a couple of logs and refrigerate until you are ready to eat some.  Then slice and bake.  Here are a few waiting for my cup of coffee!

Did you notice what isn't in these cookies?  Eggs!  Leaving out the eggs gives these cookies a wonderful sandy texture that begs for a warm cup of your favorite beverage.  (They are called "sable" in French because of the sandiness!) Texture is as important as taste to me when it comes to cookie deliciousness, and these were just great.  Crumbly, not chewy, but the astringent cocoa taste, sharp saltiness and smooth chocolate chunks combine to make one sophisticated, totally delicious cookie.

The recipe made about 30 cookies.  My kids liked them, but Bill and I loved them, and Korova cookies would be a great "grown-up" addition to a dessert plate or afternoon snack.  And these actually did taste like something I could imagine grabbing in a patisserie in Paris.  Score!

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