Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just as grateful on a Tuesday

Well, one of the problems with this "Post x on this day of the week" is that it is painfully obvious how late I am.  All the time.  Anyway.

31.  My KitchenAid mixer that powers through endless batches of chocolate chip cookies, bread dough and, now, meringue.
32.  Neil Cavuto.  (I know, I just think he seems really nice and super smart.)
33.  The rawhide my dog gets so much joy from.
34.  My sons' Sunday School teachers.  Actually I love all my children's teachers, a fortunate position, but I'm feeling the love for a couple in particular today.
35.  Rain.  How better to appreciate the sun when it comes?
36.  Smart doctors, although I'm getting tired of being grateful for this one.
37.  My own healthy family.
38.  A cleaning service. 
39.  Smart bloggers and the millions of voices you can hear, thanks to the Internet.  The less-smart ones are also fun, and sometimes hysterical.  I should share some of my guilty pleasures sometime.
40.  Boy Scouts.

Often this list feels so banal, but it is fun to come up with ten things that I stop and appreciate, just for a second.  I've been at this for a month, not always on a Monday, but I think I'll try to keep it up.

Happy Tuesday!

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