Monday, February 11, 2013

More Parisian Almond Cookies

I continue my march through Dorie's book.  We back with Tele-Crocques, which sound kind of weird but mean "T.V. Snacks."  I'll tell you the verdict in advance:  ridiculously habit-forming.

Limited ingredient list, again:  almonds, sugar, butter, flour, SALT.  That is the delicious difference here for you salty-sweet fans--the bite of salt along with a rich almond cookie.  Here we go...

Grind the almonds with the sugar.  Add butter, then flour and salt.  Dorie gave a range of salt, and I used the middle-of-the-road amount.  Next time I'll make them saltier, because I'm a big salty/sweet fan.

Turn everything out--it is kind of loose--and press it into a log or a lump.  At this point you could refrigerate it but why wait?  Pinch off little pieces and place them on the cookie sheet.

Bake and you're done!  They don't spread.  They just kind of firm up and get more delicious.

Everyone liked these, and they disappeared really fast.  But part of the problem there is, like other recipes in this book, the amount is just so darn small.  A recipe with 3/4 cup of flour will be inhaled in my house.  I'll probably make these again, but I'll make a double recipe just so it's worth hauling out the food processor!

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