Monday, February 25, 2013

Week in Review, 2/23/13

Yes, just a couple of days late.  But this is an easy post.  We went to Big Sky, Montana. 

Eat. Ski. Soak. Sleep.



Rest on the fourth day.  (We went shopping in Bozeman a little.)

Eat. Ski. Soak. Sleep.


We spent a wonderful week with a couple of friends.  I love the simplicity of a ski vacation.  It makes for a very relaxing time with the kids.  Everyone knows exactly what we are going to do! 

There is just nowhere like Big Sky:  Huge, sprawling slopes, craggy mountains and empty ski runs.  We usually had entire slopes to ourselves--no one above or below us.

Pictures on the slopes are really tough, because I don't want to mess up my real camera and I rarely want to take my glove off for an iPhone shot.  But here are some shots of last week:

Bill at the beginning of the week.

Darcy waiting to go.

Jack in the foreground, Paige and me way back there.  This was at the top of one of my favorite runs, Bighorn.

Paige, ready.  That's Kat to the left in her snazzy lime goggles.

Looking up to Lone Peak (11,100 feet).  There are tiny little dots just below that midline--they are skiers!

I turned around and made this picture from the same spot as the previous picture, looking into the valley.

Matthew and Paige at Lone Peak.

The morning we left.  Snowglobe!  All the powder on the railing had fallen overnight.  Someone had some good skiing that day!

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Mary Prather said...

It looks heavenly. Thanks for sharing so many pictures. Can I tell you I'm insanely jealous?