Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week in Review, 2/9/13

Somehow I feel like we are just crashing into the end of another week.  Where does the time go?

The week was a quiet one for the boys.  Matthew is DEEPLY enjoying being off of a sport (first time since July) and so he just seems to revel in coming home and having time to himself.  Jack is running away with track, and is learning to pole vault.  That will be, um, interesting.

The girls and I were able to fit in a couple of rides at the farm, this Saturday and last, with spectacular weather both days.  We seem to be getting so much rain lately that we have to seize the time when it is dry enough to go out for a ride. 

We are getting ready for a huge new remodel--gutting the kitchen and building onto the laundry room to create a mudroom/launching pad/mom office.  I've never done anything this big before, so there are a lot of unknowns. But this week I went downtown to the showroom that had the appliances I thought I wanted.  Once a month they host a dinner/cooking demonstration, and I just wanted to see everything in action.  I was suitably impressed and wrote my deposit check the next day.  I suppose this means that we are on our way to a new kitchen!  I'll post more on that once it gets started.

The bathroom and closet continues in a holding pattern.  Maybe next week.  I don't care anymore.

Actually, I do.

The middle of the week was punctuated with that fall I wrote about earlier.  Feeling better now, thanks.  Let me just say one thing:  if you ride a horse, wear the stupid helmet.  Just wear it.  There is one extremely popular website out there (which I will not name) where her four kids in Oklahoma or wherever do NOT wear helmets when they go out and ride their Western horses.  This drives me nuts.  I hate helmets, and I wear mine all the time.  Don't be stupid.  You never know when the horse will slip on the flat and roll over you.  It happens.

Our school closes for a couple of days each semester so that the teachers can do parent conferences (elementary school only).  Since the girls were home we decided that we would go get pedicures.  We all lined up in the chairs and read our books and got new toes.  Here's a picture of Darcy, but I forgot to get the toes!

 The girls each had spend-the-nights with friends last night.  They both had a good time, but I am oh-so-grateful to say that they actually admitted that they missed each other! 

Beautiful day today, with a ride and also tearing out part of the laundry room cabinets.  What, you don't demolish cabinets on beautiful February days?  You are missing out:
Yes, I hang my diplomas in the laundry room.  It's called irony.
And we finished with dinner at a new Mexican restaurant.  We often say that the last thing our little town needs is another Mexican restaurant, but this one was really great.  Now I need to sign off and go watch the movie with everyone in the basement.

Have a great week!

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John Fraser said...

I love the picture of Darcy (even with no toes). In fact, I think it's really cool you all went and got pedicures. Mom/daughter bonding time is great.

I also love the picture of the girls. And for them to admit that they missed each other? Wonderful! Good parenting at work. :D