Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week in Review, 3/17/2013

I guess I'm a day late or so with this, but our Saturday bled right into Sunday this weekend so here I am.

Matthew and I got to go see Oklahoma! on Sunday together.  We haven't done anything, just the two of us, in forever.  Our date to the high school musical was a lot of fun.  Every year I am amazed at the quality of our school productions.  What amazing talent and enthusiasm the kids have.

Bill and the other kids went over to the farm and did some work.  We are very fortunate in that the work we have to do over there is more like playing, because our friends who live there take amazing care of the place.  Jack hung out with Moe.  It occurs to me that I haven't posted a picture of Moe in a while, so here you are:

I was a single parent most of the week, as Bill went to Germany for a trade show.  He sent me some interesting pictures:

Shoe tub, anyone?
Horizontal Shower.  Yes.
And we had this text exchange:

(Yes, I also posted it on Facebook.  I'm just including it here for posterity.)

Paige and her friend continued to get ready for Math Olympics:
Paige told me later that she thought we laughed more than we did math.  I like that.  She might be right.

Matthew had his Confirmation interview with our church's leadership committee this week.  I didn't stay to listen, but it sounded like it went well. He is one step closer to this big milestone.  Confirmation is in May.  It seem like yesterday he was baptized.

Of course, sometimes it also seems like a million years ago.  Life is funny.

Friday was a momentous day for several reasons:

Paige got second in her Math Olympics!
Darcy decided to go swimming for the first time this year.
 Bill came home.  (No photo necessary.)

Saturday was tremendously busy, and thankfully the weather cooperated in full.  Spring in Georgia is funny:  we get a couple of absolutely gorgeous days, then some deadly cold, and then some days that are a little warmer, then some cold and rain, and then some really beautiful days, and then the pollen.  We had the really beautiful days on Saturday and Sunday.

Jack had a track meet, which I wasn't able to get to.  (And I didn't get any pictures from.  Boo!)

Matthew went over to the home of a member of our church to do construction work. 

Our friends' son, who was injured in a car accident (you can read his story), has decided to move back into their house.  To accommodate Justin's wheelchair, a bunch of handy guys from church are helping to modify several rooms and the entrance.  I love that he can hang out with a group of men of all ages and be useful and have a great day. 

We had a clinic at the farm all weekend.  Richard Watson, an internationally-known dressage instructor, spent the weekend at the farm giving lessons.  It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about my own riding and how to approach the sport in general.  We had so much fun!  Here are just a couple of pictures.

It was a little more stressful than it needed to be because I handled the lunches for all the clinic participants both days.  Lunch was tasty but I need to be better organized next time!  (Famous last words.)

Saturday night the boys and some friends went downtown to eat at a Brazilian steakhouse.  They weighed before and after:
Obviously, my husband's idea.

Coming up this week, the boys are headed to Orlando!  The school choir and band are going to festivals at Disneyworld.  I have some things that I am mulling over, ways to change the organization of my home, that I may share later.  When everything is in disarray I find myself craving organization books and ideas.

Speaking of disarray, my laundry room got started!  Monday we were here:

And Friday we were here:

My contractor assures me that I will see more progress next week.


John Fraser said...

Another great week in review. No long reply this week. I have to do this thing real early in the morning and drive ... and it's already 10 and I've neither packed nor written my blog posts for tomorrow yet.

But, I did want to say, "Yay Paige!" 2nd place in Math Olympics is a-ok with me!

Matthew's interview did go well. I've been accused of tattling recently (LOL), so I'm not going to say anything else. But it did go well. Did you ever see a copy of his confirmation answers? He has some really good thoughts in there.

I am also really glad you got some beautiful days for the dressage clinic. It sounds like it was a bunch of fun.

I heard from Roy about Matthew's skill in demolition. It does sound like it was a great morning and afternoon. I wish I could have been there. I liked working with the guys back in November. And you are right, our congregation has a great crop of male role models. Unbelievable, to be honest.

Finally, I love seeing the picture of the laundry redesign. I can feel your frustration. Hopefully the contractor is right and you'll have some good work done this week!

not that old said...

Congratulations Paige!!

Miss you guys,
Kat and Bill