Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week in Review, 3/9/13

We are firmly back into some sort of post-vacation routine, although I can juuuuust see Spring Break from here if I stand on my tiptoes.

Paige and her classmate Connor continued their daily preparation for Math Olympics.  It takes a bite out of the morning but we really are having fun.  Math Olympics is THIS Friday, so we just have a couple of days left to learn everything.  EVERYTHING.
On Tuesday I got the unexpected treat of lunch with two of my aunts and uncles at my mom's house.  It was my Uncle Ed's 74th birthday!  So, so good to get to see them.

We finally had enough good weather to ride twice this week.  The girls and I had a great lesson on Tuesday, and then on Thursday night I took a lesson with a guest trainer who has competed internationally in dressage.  He is giving a clinic at our farm next weekend, so I suppose this was his way of checking the place out, LOL.  Here's just one picture of Richard with another friend who rode on Thursday--you can tell the weather was just spectacular!

This weekend Matthew and Jack both participated in DNow, a county-wide youth retreat.  They spent the night at someone else's house and took part in group worship, music, and service projects.  Actually, our church used their service time as a fundraiser for their mission trip, and they painted the fence at our farm!  From the looks of things it was a successful afternoon, and our fence looks much prettier.
Not all the paint made it to the fences...
...but most of it did!
If it's a weekend in the spring, that means there's a track meet.  While Jack didn't do so well in the pole vault, I got some great pictures (and he did pretty well) of the triple jump.  He posted a slower time on his 3200 meter run, but he was feeling kind of sick so I think that had something to do with it.

We also had a cook-out at the barn on Saturday, just a little one to mark the one-year anniversary of Shady Oaks and also our trainer Sandra's birthday!  No pictures, but a good time was had by all.  The weather has finally turned delightful, and so it just felt luxurious to spend so much time outside on Saturday.

Possibly our biggest news for the week is that the boys may have decided to quit Scouts.  I mean, I think they have decided to stop Scouts.  Between school and sports and music and church, Scouts seems to not have a place in our lives, and it has become a constant source of guilt.  ("Have you worked on this badge?  Gotten that advancement?")  It makes me sad, because I truly believe in Scouting, but for our family I think the decision is for the best.  

It looks like I'll be a single mom for most of this week, and we'll end with Math Olympics and then the clinic at the farm.  From our home to yours, have a great week!


Mary Prather said...

i know you must be torn about scouts, Cheryl. I am willing to be, however, that this decision is made with great wisdom and will be the best for your family.

Have fun with Math Olympics this week and let us know how it goes!!

Thanks for hosting the kids for the service project at the farm this weekend. Anna had a really good time.

John Fraser said...

Nice week in review. Always a good time to have a family "reunion."

And, I'm still stoked about Paige and the Math Olympics. Is this something going on in her school or is she travelling elsewhere? Just wondering if this is something that can receive a little pastoral support or not. If so, let me know details and I'll see if I can make it. Only thing on my agenda is a prescheduled activity from 4:00 - 5:30 with Justin Lake.

Re: DNOW. Jack was hysterical this weekend. (When is he not funny, by the way?) Anyway, your pictures of the triple jump made me laugh. Because the first thing he talked to me about all weekend was why he has to wear those black compression shorts. According to him, his legs are pasty white. So we spent the next ten minutes comparing was more pasty white: him or me. LOL.

And then, after the DNOW worship, Matthew was going to ride with me (as he had done all day). Jack came up and said he wanted to ride with me. Without missing a beat, Matthew gave up his seat to ride with Danny. (Props to Matthew). Jack got in, buckled himself all in, and waited for me to get in (which was like 5 minutes later). Then he looks at me and says, "I've never ridden in a pope-mobile before." I lost it. Too funny!

Re: Scouts. I concur with Mary's sage words. I'm sure it is not an easy decision. But it looks like most of the things on your list are all good choices. So it isn't like you are cutting good for bad. You are cutting good for other good. Sometimes that's just reality. I'll be praying for the transition.

Cheryl said...

Thanks to both of you. It is a good problem to have, picking which good opportunity the kids have to cut out of their schedule. Not fun, but sometimes the pruning has to be done.

I think they ALL had fun at DNOW! I've been laughing all day at the pope-mobile comment. So Jack.

Paige's Math Olympics is at a private school in Lagrange. I think Landmark is sending six kids in each grade. No spectators, unfortunately, which means I get to drive her for the privilege of sitting in an auditorium for two hours. (Actually I'll bring a book and get some good reading time in. Don't tell!) They actually start testing around 10 a.m. I'll tell Paige you send your support!

Thanks for all your kind words.