Monday, March 25, 2013

Week in Review, 3/24/13

Late, yes.  Okay.

Last week was a blur.  Coming out of our amazing clinic at the farm, I headed out of town for an event connected to my church for FOUR days.  Crikey!  I had a ton of laundry to do before I left, but I have to say my husband did an absolutely amazing job holding down the fort while I was gone.
The one time I went to the beach at Pawley's Island.

The week in Pawley's Island, South Carolina, was incredibly productive.  We came away with many, many ideas to think about, along the explicit instructions from the organizers to do NOTHING but sit with our new ideas for a little while.  Sit with something?  I can do that!  Ha.  I'm looking forward to getting to use some of what we learned, but for now I am just letting things settle and reading a few books.  Stewing, I suppose.

While I was away, my boys left for Orlando!  The school choir and band, seventh and eighth grades, left on Thursday and are due home this afternoon (Monday).  They had festival performances on Friday and then enjoyed Walt Disney World on Saturday and Sunday.  So far I've gotten two phone calls of 38 seconds and 2 minutes, and four text messages.  From both boys.  That's it!  I miss those boys and am really looking forward to picking them up.  Two more hours...

The weather here in Georgia has taken a turn for the disgusting.  It poured all weekend and is terribly cold for early spring--only 39 degrees right now, midday!  Not the kind of weather that makes you want to do anything at all outside.  We still have a few more days of this and then the weather might--MIGHT--be over sixty by Easter.

Because of the weather, we didn't go to the lake this weekend.  Saturday we braved the elements to head downtown for some shopping.  The girls needed Easter dresses.  I'll just say that the state of pre-teen fashion is ABYSMAL.  Want me to beat a path to your door?  Open a dress shop of non-tacky dresses for nine- to fourteen-year-olds.
You can pretty much tell how much fun we were having.  BTW, these are Lily Pulitzer dresses--NOT tacky!  But Paige hated hers.  So did Darcy.

And here's an update on the laundry room:

This is probably the worst picture I have ever taken.
There's a roof.  And walls.

Here's an interior shot.  I think I'll start including these because the changes should start coming inside soon.
Honestly, these are bad pictures.  The color is terrible!  What is up with my iPhone?  I thought people made great pictures with them.  That orange up there is possibly the color I'm painting the laundry room.  It is a Benjamin Moore color, "Mango Punch."  It is much cuter than it looks there.  It looks sick there.  Yuck.

Have a blessed Holy Week!  Do you have any special plans for this weekend? 

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John Fraser said...

So I wasn't going to comment on the post this week because I didn't really feel like I had much to add to the conversation. Then Cara came home tonight with paint chips from the paint store. One of the colors that she is looking at for our kitchen is ...

drumroll ...

Mango Mania.

You guys are no longer allowed to hang out together. That's all I'm saying. Completely independent of each other you both pick out a similar paint color with a madeup catchy name involving the same fruit. *rolls eyes*

In all seriousness ... I think it's pretty cool. Even if neither of you pick said color.

Also, I had to snicker at the Easter dress picture. Paige's face is absolutely priceless. Love it!