Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Changing the House

Not mine, Pelosi's.  I mean, she seems to think it's hers to change.  The Democrats are doing some rule changing, making their majority harder to overcome.  This is terrible, in fact, turning back the clock and making everything less clear--did you even think that was possible with the Congress?! What they are really doing is undoing some of the changes put in during Gingrich's Contract with America days.  So apparently, openness is good when the Republicans are in charge, but once the Democrats win then let's shut things down.

And related to my previous post about the word "rule," look at the fourth and fifth paragraphs from the bottom of the AP article:  "four decades of Democratic rule" versus "Republicans took control."  Words mean things.

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ZipperTPartee said...

Right on, Pelosi's new house will be less open, more friendly to incumbents and less accessible to everyone. If they would stop being so conciliatory and such gracious losers the republicans might realize that less accessibility, and trillion dollar deficits spells a political opportunity as long as they don't participate in the process. The democrats already have the majorities that they need (plenty of Rhino's) to do what they want so what do you have to lose by vociferously (sp) opposing the dems.

Speaking of Rhino's, let's just send them to the democrats right now and start standing for something (anything) as a party.