Friday, January 9, 2009

Upside down and Inside out

Did you ever look at the news at just think, "What the hell is going on?"  (Sorry about the cursing...I don't use it that often but it is good for when you need that extra emphasis.)  That was my day yesterday, like a nightmare, but now I can't seem to wake up.  I was actually YELLING at poor DH yesterday over the idiocy going on right now, both locally and nationally, even internationally.  The yelling didn't last, by the way; we both started laughing and then poured another glass of wine.  Anyway...

Read this article.  Seriously.  No, I mean NOW.  (And then come back!)  Atlas Shrugged, way back when I read it, was the longest novel I had ever read, 1,064 pages.  It was powerful, the kind of book that really makes you look around at things in a new way.  Stephen Moore has perfectly captured what is going on right now and shows how it lines up with the novel.  Good Lord, he is right.

Locally, our school board made Drudge a couple of days ago, which you know must mean something utterly ridiculous must have happened.  It did.  Not only do they want to make the teachers give back their 2.5% raise, the superintendent also wants to send out an additional property tax (retroactive) to all of us property owners.  We just passed a SPLOST here, for an extra 1% sales tax, not that I voted for it.  And back in July all of the incompetent I mean incumbent school board members were reelected without a whiff of a budget problem.  Something is truly rotten there.  I can look at this like a purely financial issue since I don't have kids in the system and it makes me so mad!  They have wasted so much money on real estate speculation and a bloated county administrative staff that it is hardly a surprise that problems are showing up now.

Nationally, oh, so much.  Obama wants to spend a TRILLION dollars getting us out of the poor economic conditions we're in.  What in the world makes in seem like taking the money from me and you, giving it to the government, and then having the government disburse the money to worthy projects is a better, more productive way to stimulate the economy than just letting all of us keep more of our money and using it as we see fit?  The U.S. Conference of Mayors is salivating...they have a 1557 page list of "shovel ready" projects!  Here is a partial list of those worthy projects...I swear I could not make this up if I tried.  Well, maybe, but take a look:
$35 million for the Music Hall of Fame in Florissant, Mo.; $35 million for the Scottsdale Museum of the West in Arizona and $20 million for the Virginia Key Beach Museum in Miami, Fla.
This is brilliant...we are in debt, so let's spend more.  I think I'll try that here at home, because there are these shoes I've been eyeing...

The porn industry wants a bailout.  Rich.  These people should be embarrassed to be associated with this business.  Instead they are bold enough to ask for your money and mine to save their sick business.  I think they won't get the money, but they have the nerve to ask!

Charlie Rangel's ethics investigation was supposed to be done by January 3.  Nancy Pelosi had promised!  But now it has been delayed.  Even better, thanks to Pelosi's rule changes, Rangel looks likely to not only continue serving "honorably" but also as the chair of the Ways and Means Committee for as long as he wants.  This is truly the fox guarding the henhouse.  What is wrong with the Republicans??  Why aren't they out in front of cameras talking about these things all the time?

Seriously?  You want to put a 70-year-old guy into a position for which he has only tangential experience, as Chief of Staff for Clinton, into one of the most important positions in the whole country?  Panetta as CIA chief is flat-out scary.  Transitions are high times for attacks, and I want a professional spook or ambassador in that position, not some high-level manager.  And look at the intelligence decisions made during the Clinton years:  the first World Trade bombing in 1993, the U.S.S. Cole bombing, the explosion of Al-Qeada (no pun intended).  This is a bad pick, and worse yet it is dangerous to all of us.

This was such a cheerful post!  Hopefully I'll find some good new to share later.

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