Friday, April 27, 2012

Um, Ma'am? Your slip is showing.

First, the now-viral video:

The over-arching message here is that (as Dennis Prager has said), "The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen."  How odd, then, that the following would also happen in the same timeframe:

  • "Crucify them."  From an EPA official, instructions to go after a few oil and gas companies (not just the Exxons and BPs of the world, the little guys, too) hammer-and-tongs, so that it will be easier to keep the rest of the industry in line.  (Strangely, the YouTube video of Al Armerenderiz has been taken down.)  
  • Farm kids can't work.  The Department of Labor proposed regulations prohibiting farm kids from doing basic labor around the farm, including driving farm vehicles.  That would mean my thirteen-year-old would be prohibited from driving the Gator around the farm for fun or chores.  Note that these were regulations written by the the Executive Branch as a way to interpret laws that had been previously passed by Congress.  This is what happens when there are so many laws on the books:  remulators can write anything they want, especially when they come out with a new "interpretation" of a long-passed law. These changes are hard to catch and turn away.  Fortunately, that happened this time.  But we certainly know where this administration stands.
  • The GSA reveals itself to be run by a bunch of entitled bureaucrats who see my money (and yours) as theirs first.  (Yes, I know this broke last week.  But the news continues to build.)  How else can you explain $800,000 for a conference, with several advance trips for Jeff Neely and his WIFE paid for by the government?  I can say with confidence that this is not normal.  For instance, when I travel with my husband we pay my expenses.  Yes, my husband's company--which he OWNS--pays for the hotel room and his meals, but we pay my expenses.  The IRS looks for things like this in the private business world.  Oh, but the GSA isn't a private entity.  They're exempt.  
  • The Secret Service scandal grows.  Do you find this as shocking as I do?  The Secret Service--the guys who will take a bullet for the President--that has to be one of the most respected institutions in the country.  And now this slime is being revealed.  I can't decide if this is (as they talk about in the video) discrediting our most respected institutions or another example of "the rules don't apply to me."
  • The Supreme Court heard oral arguments over the Arizona immigration laws.  The federal government is prosecuting a state for enforcing federal laws that the feds won't themselves enforce.  The Justices sounded skeptical about the federal government's argument. Go, Supremes!

Just one week.

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