Monday, April 30, 2012

Week in Review, 4/30/2012 late edition

Sorry I have been so rant-y.  I can't help but read the news and think that things are just so upside down and inside out, rather like we've gone through the looking glass.  But our lives continue in the hurry-up way.  Here's how we spent the last week.

Last week opened with church, of course.  I was the worship assistant, which in our liturgical church means that I help the pastor in leading the congregation through the worship service.  So I read prayers and stuff.  Except that this time there was no pastor, so I had to do everything.  And I forgot the offering.  OOPS!  Great start to the week.

I also did some massive cleaning in preparation for a shower that I am so excited about hosting.  One little benefit was finding my long-lost sorority badge!

We have decided to send D back to school next year, so she had to have a shadow day at our school to be sure she was ready for third grade.  Is she ever.  She also had a couple of funny comments about different things they were doing.  For instance, phonics.  We certainly don't do that here!  I don't think phonics is necessary to learn to read.  I'm not sure who really needs them other than linguists.  Anyway.

Since I had a day off (wow!) I took the opportunity to go shopping.  First I visited a super-cute little shop in West Atlanta, Whipstitch.  Got a couple of great things:

Oh, I also started (yet another) diet on Monday.  I'm following the diet that came with P90X2, basically no-sugar, low-carb, high-protein.  It isn't terribly calorie-restricted, just clean.  I forgot to weigh until the end of the week, but right now the remarkable thing is that I feel really good.  I kind of miss my glass of wine at night, but I am sleeping so much better that it is a fair trade.  The weirdest part is that I don't even want bread.

On Tuesday I let the boys skip school and go to an awesome traveling exhibit, Passages.  If this comes to your town I highly recommend this interactive exhibit on the history of the Bible, in particular the English Bible.  P didn't go with us; it was fetal-pig-dissection day for the fourth grade.  I really would like P and the DH to see it, and the other kids all want to see it again, too.  That is high praise!

Here's a little summary of what else we did, since I finally got a collage app to work!  (Descriptions are clock-wise.)

D working on perpendicular lines on her geoboard for math.  We have loved Saxon as our base math curriculum--very thorough, and flexible enough that I can skip or combine lessons as needed.

J had his last regular-season lacrosse game.  This hasn't been our favorite season for reasons I've already mentioned.

A little sewing for me this week, finishing D's Scavenger Bag from Growing Up Sew Liberated.  In case you are wondering, P's has been done (in turquoise blue prints) for a couple of weeks now.  I have such a hard time finishing things that it is always a wonder when something goes from my sewing room to the person it is for!

My sweet husband getting fitted for some new clothes by our dear family friend!  Calvin graduated a year ago and started selling custom-made men's clothes.  He loves it and seems to be doing great.  Bill has such a hard time just getting downtown to shop that he decided to try out this option.

We finished out the week with a Friday night ride and cook-out at the farm.  This is becoming our favorite way to end the week.  But I didn't take any pictures!

Our memory verse for last week:

Jesus said to the apostles, "Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation."  Mark 6:15


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