Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week in Review, 4/14/2012 version

This is as good a way as any to jump back in.  I'll just post a few quick takes from this week:

I moved my computer and changed my view.  If I can get Blogger to cooperate then I'll change my background here, too.  Love my view this time of year, with the electric spring-green in the morning and the birds finding new homes.

A Roman hair-do, complete with hairpiece.
D started studying Rome.  And flowers.  Not sure how they are related but we had a good homeschool week.  We also made cookies.

The hairdressers in Peachtree City have nothing to fear from me.  I tried cutting Bailey's forelock.  This is what happened:

P is still mad, even though I tried to fix it.  At least it will grow out and we don't have a show soon.

Pilates is killing me while also making me stronger.  I wonder which one will win.  No, I will not post a picture of me doing Pilates!

We ate at the farm last night--shared hamburgers and hotdogs with Sandra and Terry and some of their family.  (That picture has nothing to do with dinner, but is just a fun picture from the last time I drove the tractor.)  A good way to end the week for sure.  Love love love having the farm to go hang out at.

I hate doing computer work, but I successfully registered the farm domain name and got my email set up.  Next is to get Sandra's email going and also a basic website.  Then I'll link to it.

M made Junior Beta Club.  Yay!

Both boys were asked by a friend to be in his Eagle Scout ceremony.  How thoughtful.  They are thrilled.

I haven't knit anything in a while.  I've been sewing when I can find a minute and I'm starting to do embroidery.  I want to sew more but can't find the time.  I want to write more but can't find the time.  I wish I could buy an extra hour every day.

We are dog sitting my parents' Springer while they are on vacation.  I have a couple of thoughts on this:  first, Springers are absolutely adorable in groups.  Chaz and Katie are ten times cuter together than they are individually.  I don't know why.  (That's just Chaz on his own.  Hopefully I'll get a picture of the pair of them this week.) Second, I am so glad my parents are on vacation!  I am glad they have the means and the health to go on such a great trip (to Italy, wow!).  And I can't wait to see every single picture and hear about all the wonderful food.

Lots of things to weigh in on, politics- and culture-wise, but I don't want to do that yet.  I do think that just because a woman is a stay-at-home mom doesn't mean that she lets her brain atrophy.  I know that I have a far, far better feel for consumer prices than my husband, even though he runs a company.  On the other hand, I don't think that all moms should stand together, either, just because we're moms.  My identity as a mother is just one part of who I am.

Our memory verse for last week was an easy one to remember when the weather is so lovely:
This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalm 118:24

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