Friday, April 20, 2012

Week in Review, 4/20/12 edition

Well, I was going to do this with some really cute little photo collages like my friend Mary does.  After six (yes SIX) crashes on my iPad I gave up.  Single photos only again this week.
 J started the week with the dreaded sixth grade edible science project, to my mind a waste of time and sugar.  At any rate, this is my boy mixing baked cake with frosting, a la "cake pops."  Yes, we needed both the chocolate and vanilla flavors. The cake becomes moldable, in this case to re-create a stratovolcano.  And then they eat it.  Gross.

 D played a neat little multiplying game for math this week.  We got out the 10-sided dice (not in this picture) and rolled, coloring in the appropriate array based on our roll.  First one to fill up their square won.  I drew our boxes too big, so the game took forever!  She enjoyed it, though, and has played a couple of times since then.  The other picture is real-life math lesson, making a bank deposit and adding up some checks.  Yay for real-life math!

Lessons, as usual, at the arena.  My precious friend (and trainer) Sandra is behind one of those ponies!

The girls have also decided to set up a jump in the back yard.  Just in case, you know, a pony needs to jump it.  (Or maybe a certain little girl...)

We had awards day for the middle school this week.  (oops, no picture)  I think fully half of the school, including my boys, made High Honor Roll.  Certainly makes you wonder about grade inflation, doesn't it?

J played lacrosse this week.  No picture here, either, sorry.  Now that he is in the U13 league I am just blown away at how big some of those boys are.  Practically men.  J is a long way from that, and a long way from full-grown aggression on the field, too.  This has been a tough season for all of us.

I was actually sick for a bunch of the week, coming down with a nasty stomach bug right after the awards ceremony on Tuesday and really being unable to move until late in the day on Thursday.  All of our Roman road/gladiator projects got put on hold.  D and I had started Harry Potter as a read-aloud.  By Tuesday morning she was reading to me as I struggled to stay awake with her on the couch.  Sick mamas make for bad homeschool weeks, that is for sure.  I hate that we lost time right as we're coming to the end of the year.

I did make it out of bed to get my hair done on Thursday.  I schedule those appointments a year in advance--no way am I missing that!  Wendy said she cut six inches off the back.  It definitely feels shorter.  It also feels less fried, which was why I needed some length taken off to begin with.

We did manage to join P for lunch today at school, though.

I continue to add planters to the back deck and pool area.  I am notorious for buying a bunch of plants and then running out of steam before I finish planting half of them.  This time I am only buying one container or project's worth at a time.  This is a gardenia on the tree-form plant I got yesterday.  Gardenias are one proof that God loves the South.  I wish you could smell it.  I also got a new sewing book and am positively chomping at the bit to work with it.  It has fantastic step-by-step explanations for things, and super-cute patterns included.  Now if I could just buy that extra hour in the day...

We ended the week with the annual piano concert.  All of our teacher's students give a concert instead of a recital.  It is very collaborative, with students even performing original work, and many doing duets or singing as they play.  It is nothing like the nightmare recitals I lived through as a child.  Sometimes I'm not sure it is good to be so easy on them!  But it is a fun and positive evening of good music.  Here is everyone afterwards, in my first ever picture of Carson with all of my children.  Great job, y'all!

Our memory verse this week was:

This is the message that we have heard from Him and proclaim to you, that God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all.--1 John 1:5

Happy Friday!

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