Sunday, July 20, 2008

Relax! (whether I want to or not)

We are redecorating. Not remodeling, just replacing carpet with hardwoods and painting in the kitchen and family room (which are really just one big space). I didn't think it would be that big a deal, but then the wood guy told me we'd have to be out of the house for a week or so. Man. So we've spent a couple of days at the lake, a few days with my Mom and Dad. Easy, right? I miss my home, my space, my stuff! I haven't been able to send emails or blog for about a week, which is a bummer because I'd gotten much more regular in sending notes to friends, and I've had so many bloggable ideas! (but I've forgotten a lot of those now. *sigh*)

The picture is my house right before we had to leave, a week ago. Now the painting is almost finished and the floors are in, beautiful and much less smelly than two days ago. And now I'm clawing my way through the dust.

I'm starting to matter how minor, how well organized, how awesome the result might be, changing the house is a major pain in the neck. But life is slowly returning to normal, and at some point this will be just a barely-remembered inconvenience. As long as the "barely-remembered" part isn't because of the fumes around here, that is fine.

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