Wednesday, July 30, 2008

School Shopping

I love school supplies...the stacks of pristine notebooks, blank pages inviting thought. The sharp shininess of new crayons. The fresh stiffness of new lunch boxes. So I would have never thought my back-to-school shopping would have included a CAR.

As a student, I'll be joining the commuting world again, at least a couple of days a week. It's been more than seven years since a drive downtown, at least a half-hour each way, has been a required part of my day. My driving choice reflected a local bias as well as the need for space for six people, a dog and a lot of stuff...a big gold Suburban. It has been a workhorse, solid and dependable. And it lumbers, sucking down the gas.

So, with the kids bigger and not all needing car seats, my husband and I decided to get a new car. That is it, up there, a Nissan Rogue. Cute, not too expensive, fun-to-drive, and it fits the kids and me just fine. I love it. I would just have never thought about a car being a back-to-school purchase! And we kept the Suburban to use when we all go somewhere together, with boils down to Sunday morning or long weekend trips.

So, with that behind me, the next change is my computer. I've settled on a MacBook Pro laptop, but haven't even turned it on because of my old computer giving me problems...does it know it is about to be retired? Anyway, I've never had an Apple, although my college roommate and I spent long hours on her little Macintosh playing the classic Tetris. So I'll be blogging with it soon, and I'll comment on it, let you know how it is going.

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