Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Too Much Information

There are four children, a dog, two cats, two birds and two adults who live in this house, not counting friends who are in and out all day long. When they all get going, needing attention, a shoe tied, just needing in general, it makes for a crazy mess in my head. I just found out why!

I'm reading Flow by Mihaly C. (it is unpronouncable and available at the link anyway), in one of the opening parts that discusses how our brains process information. It seems that it takes about 40 bits of information per second to listen to someone speak. Our maximum input is about 126 bits per second. That means only three people can talk at any one time and be understood! And this is LISTENING ONLY...forget trying to referee the cat and dog while cleaning one child's face, listening to two more tell you about the snake in the back yard and also keep dinner from burning.

I feel so much better. I just thought it was me. Turns out it's my BRAIN.

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