Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The day before the big day

We are hosting a bunch (18? 23? Not sure.) tomorrow, so lots going on around here.  It's not as bad as you'd think, since everyone brings a couple of things, but I've got to get the turkey brining (recipe here, yummy, made for the last five years) and then the table set, yada, yada.  (Can you yada Thanksgiving?) 

I had a root canal yesterday.  Ugh.  Can I just say, though, that Dr. George Brown ROCKS.  I'm just sayin', because when I googled him prior to the procedure I could barely find anything out about him.  So if someone else is looking for him, he's great.

And I just found out I passed my video!  It's been a week of pins and needles, so that's a relief.  A week from today everything is over for the first semester, but I've got two finals, two papers and a presentation before then.  Sounds like it will be a busy weekend for me, in addition to Black Friday and THE football game this weekend.  More later, but I've got to get moving on this stuff.  Happy Wednesday!

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ZipperTPartee said...

Legally, I believe that you can "yada" anything, but when our generation does "yada" something we are behind the times or hopelessly lame. My kids on the other hand can use the word (yada) and they are with it or "so retro".