Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Morning!

The video is behind me...I'm waiting for the grade.  That class is pass/fail, pretty much all dependent on the video.  So, no pressure.

Lot's happened yesterday in the news!  It was killing me not to get to read a bunch...I need to think about things more before I post about bail-out news, economics, or politics.  Meanwhile, the barbarians seem to be at the gate around the world, too.  Look:

Pirates!  (Shiver me timbers!)

Riots!  (Yes, I know this has been a bad situation for a while)

Enjoy, and I'll be back later, after I get everyone off to school.

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ZipperTPartee said...

OK so I'm a predictable, cromagnon male, I clicked on the sequined jump suit first. I was really hoping I wouldn't see an old Elvis picture. Not sure where Juliette got her fashion advice that day but on the other hand I'm glad that I don't have people taking pictures of what I wear every day either. Another drawback of stardom is that sometimes you get caught with a really dorky look on your face.

Now that the media has laid down this 3-5 million person benchmark for obama's inaugaration, they'll have to scramble to make sure they get enough people there to not embarass themselves.

Friend of mine went to France last month. Chatting with the locals they could not believe how many hours a week that he worked. The French are to lazy to riot or respond to a riot.

OK so I realize that this is probably to simplistic but here it goes. I assume that Somalian pirate ships don't venture too far from Somalia. So stop using the shipping lanes near Somalia.