Friday, November 7, 2008

A generation gap

We have a check-in at the beginning of every skills class, a very touchy-feely way to let everyone know whether or not they can mess with you that day.  Might be what weather you're feeling like, the music you last listened to, that kind of thing.  Thursday we checked in with what cartoon character we were feeling like. 

Man, I felt so old!  They were Bubbles (the Powerpuff girl) and Angel Bright, a Pokemon, some other things I'd never heard of.  A couple of them started talking about Fraggle Rock, something the kids I would babysit used to watch!  And then another girl mentioned the Smurfs.  I brightened up (they're MY generation, kind of) and then she talked about how she loved the "old" cartoons.  Jeesh.

I felt like Road Runner that day...things were going well and obstacles just weren't getting in my way.  Except that yawning chasm of a generation gap.  Meep Meep!

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Cyrus O'Rourke said...

Iread an article that said the new middle age starts at 60. That means you are considered young until 60, middle aged till.......what 85 or 90 then you're allowed to be old. The trick is to keep findin those things in life that keep you a little on the edge, like buyin beer with a fake ID. Easy to find that stuff when you are young, you have to work at it as you age. "You never slow down, You never grow old" Tom Petty, "Mary Janes Last Dance".