Monday, June 23, 2008

A Book Recommendation

I'm a reader. Not as much as I'd like, mostly because I have a way of allowing a good book to draw me into its world and I will ignore everything around me until I finish it. Seriously, everything. Kids' schedules, pets begging to be let out (or in), laundry, dinner. It just doesn't matter. Since I love my family and my pets, I have to ration my books and time them for vacations or weekends at the lake.

While we were in Vermont I brought The Poisonwood Bible with me. LOVED it. I found it very realistic with a deeply engaging story line. The story has five different narrators, which might sound hard to follow, but for this story of a family of six in Africa the voices made the story richer. It's also a book that deals intensely with Christianity, and while it is by no means orthodox it (I think) deals very fairly with it. I am a Christian and take my faith pretty seriously. I find the ad hominem attacks on faith, particularly Christianity, a little tiresome. There was none of that in this book. I found it presented a complex, layered view of a family in a difficult situation.

While I was sitting by the pool reading I must have had a half-dozen people comment on the book, almost all very positive. So I'm late to the party, but it's a good party! I've since passed the book on to my dear neighbor and she's loving it, too.

Anyway, should you find yourself with time on your hands this summer, pick this book up. I was glad I did. Feel free to make book recommendations in the comments!

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