Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Loose Ends

It's official...I have strep again. Stronger antibiotics this time. The dr. told me that around 50% of adult strep is penicillin resistant, which is probably why I'm still sick. So now I'm on something a lot stronger.

But while my white blood cells gear up for a fight, I am still feeling punky and tired. One of those days where I don't feel quite good enough to really do something, yet I know I'll get to the end of the day and feel guilty about the undone things around my house. For instance, clutter. Clutter is terrible around here. With four munchkins running around, they are kind of clutter-generating machines, so my standards are pretty low to begin with. Mainly, though, it is very trying to look at piles of CRAP just sitting around. Usually I subscribe to the FlyLady method, 15 minutes or 27 things at a time. That works better than you would expect...try setting a timer the next time you have to do a dreaded chore. You'll be done quicker than you think. That's what I'm going to do with the cat box, when I get around to it.

The children are all next door at my wonderful neighbor's house, in the pool. I can hear them just a little, and since it is early afternoon maybe I will just take advantage of the silence to take a nap. Tomorrow is another day. Fiddle dee dee.

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