Thursday, June 19, 2008

Strep struck.

Woke up just feeling crabby today, but as the day wore on my sore throat has turned into (I think) full blown strep throat. I had it two weeks ago, right before vacation, and it must have never really gone away. For the record, strep is really painful. I can barely swallow or talk right now, and sitting outside in warm air makes things much worse. My sweet children are trying, some more than others, to keep me from talking or doing much of anything. Better yet, my sweet husband is taking care of everything this evening.

So, in my bacteria-imposed silence I've picked up some new yarn to work on a new scarf. It's alpaca, hand-dyed, something I found in a cute little yarn store in Stowe, Vermont, while we were on vacation. Now, I'm not some experienced knitter or anything. I taught myself about six months ago, and I've made a couple of scarfs and hats, very basic things. Also, of all things, dishcloths. Those are really great, and I'd like to have more of those. But this alpaca. Oh, dear. It is so fine and soft, and I knit so tightly in spite of my best efforts. I might have to find another project and save this lovely yarn for a different project. I guess I can give it until tomorrow.

With the strep I haven't even felt like working out today. Those Tyler Place pounds are definitely sticking around for a while.

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