Monday, June 23, 2008

Give to This Great Cause!

My dear friend and college roommate is running a marathon with Team in Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! I was shocked and very impressed that she's taking this on; you see, she's a mom and a cancer doctor, too.

Please visit her Team in Training site and consider donating to this great cause. I have family who have been affected by various forms of leukemia, but she spends her day with it every single day. Here's a little about why she decided to run from her Team in Training site:

I am running for a wonderful boy named Johnny. He is vibrant and funny and into living life to the fullest. The things he can do on a skate board defy gravity! I diagnosed him with Acute Lymphblastic Leukemia several years ago. With the best treatments available and an optimistic spirit his cancer went into remission. At the same time that I committed to running this marathon Johnny's leukemia came back. While I'm traning this marathon, he's going to be fighting for his life. When I was visiting with him to ask him to be my honored teammate, he was taking the first steps he'd taken in weeks because he'd been ill. When I'm getting tired or sore I say to myself "If he can do that - I can do this!!!"

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