Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hello, World!

I'm jumping in with both feet, posting with the idea of following my steps back into the working world. After seven years of no paycheck, I'm headed back to school to pursue a degree in professional counseling. It's something I've felt called to do, paycheck or no. But as I went down the application process for grad school, it occurred to me that I haven't made a nickel in seven years! Not one cent. Even from a trip to Las Vegas. And one fun thing is going to be having a little spending money on the side, money to save to help pay for vacations or a stupidly expensive dress for one of my girls or even...SHOES.

My intention is to post regularly on things that interest me, probably related to whatever is going on in our busy house and sometimes completely unrelated. I think I need to tell myself a quick check-in every day is a good idea, but I may not hit it every day. We've just come home from a terrific vacation and one of my friends there has inspired me to get busy. I'll link to her blog, and other sites that I really love. If you have a suggestion, or if you are a friend with a website, let me know and I'll add a link.

Some personal info here: I'm a wife of one and mom of four, a music lover, a big reader, and sometimes a political junkie. I also have about a hundred hobbies (so you can tell how good I am at most of those) and like to think about all kinds of ideas. I am (sometimes too) active at my church and (sometimes not enough) busy at my children's schools. And now I'm going to try graduate school, because I think this is something I'm called to do next. We'll see...sometimes my hearing isn't so good.

I suppose that with this first post, my blog is off to some kind of start. More in the coming days.

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