Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Between Classes

I've snagged one of the study carrels and figured out how to get on the network, so I thought I'd post again before I have to go to class.  Some observations...

The class I just got out of deals with basic counseling skills.  We had to be videotaped pretending to be counselors, with fellow classmates role-playing as clients.  Yikes!!  I went on the hot seat pretty early, and now my tape is done.  And you know what? It was kind of hard, not giving advice but just trying to listen.  I'm like my DS2 (second son)...might need to improve my listening skills!

And in fifteen minutes or so I'll be off to my next class, on cultural sensitivity.  Hmmm.

Yesterday, one of my impressions was that I felt there were things I couldn't say, views I shouldn't share.  For example, I am very interested in issues surrounding the raising of boys these days, not merely because I have two sweet boys myself but because it matters to all of us.  But with all of the "women's issues" ideas talked about in class yesterday that just doesn't seem to be a safe position to hold, or at least disclose.  And this morning, I hesitated for just a second before I put my cross necklace on.  I am a Christian, a follower of Christ, and yet I worried for a brief moment how that would be perceived.  I got right over THAT one and I'm wearing it right now, but still.

So this class has video- and audiotapes as our assignments, and then also each of us will teach a chapter in the class.  Do-able, for sure, as long as I don't really get behind.  Of course, isn't that always the case?

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