Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm loving school.  Tuesday is skills class, followed quickly by the multicultural class.  Yes, the class I was groaning about.  Anyway, here is what I love, in no particular order:
  • My classmates are fun, and from such a wide variety of backgrounds.  Everyone has a different path to this profession.  Just asking "How did you get HERE?" (one of those open-ended questions!) is an education.
  • You can learn this stuff...I mean, counseling has specific skills, specific steps, and fairly predictable outcomes (if done well--yes, a big if).  But you don't have to be extra-wise or brilliant, just a warm-hearted, genuine, empathetic person willing to learn and use these skills.  Who knew?
  • My classes place great emphasis on discussion, especially social/cultural.  I've never been in an environment where it is okay to discuss race or socioeconomic differences.  The professor is a black woman she could put different spins on all of this, but she keeps discussions open, and welcomes diverse points of view--in fact, she seeks them out.
  • I am growing, in ways I was warned to expect but didn't really believe.  I have always had an issue about being a poor finisher:  I have really great ideas but they peter out.  I think I need to look at that about myself more.  Something to ponder.
I have a couple of assignments to complete before next week, in particular an audiotaped interview with a friend.  My "baseline" interview, to reveal my natural style.  But between now and the due date, there is this little trip...more on that later.

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