Thursday, August 21, 2008

I had a day off yesterday but didn't get nearly as much done as I had wanted to.  It just felt good not to be going anywhere!  But I've been doing a lot of thinking.

The multicultural class is, um, interesting.  I have never ever ever had a professor say she doesn't believe in testing.  She believes in experiences.  Okay.  So one of my assignments is a cultural immersion experience.  I've been mulling that one over.  Dim Sum in Chamblee would be great if we didn't do that regularly already.  I could do one of a multitude of religious experiences, black Baptist or AME church, mosque, Hindu temple.  I mentioned going to a football game an historically black college, but DH wasn't very interested.  He thinks I should immerse myself in the culture of the ultra-wealthy--hey, it's a culture, too!  Maybe I could spend the day with one of my former students, hanging out with my now-college freshmen.  THAT could be a lot of fun.  I have to decide quickly, since the assignment is due in a month.

I find myself really looking forward to the skills class today.  This is what I'm interested in, and this is really where you dig in and start learning the best ways to help people.  As long as I can keep a view of constantly improving, constantly learning and growing, I'll be fine.  And we all have to practice, so I might as well get over the nerves.  After all, being nervous will just get in the way of taking criticism and learning.  Right now I'm just looking forward to that class.  I have to say that since it's my smallest class, only nine women, that I'm looking forward to our becoming more of a group of friends, as well.

The house hasn't fallen apart yet, but the first week isn't even over!  I think I should be able to manage as long as I define the times I need to focus and the times I can play, the times for me and the times that belong to my DH and my kids.  It will really take some practice, I think.

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