Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Books and Binders

School starts for me a week from yesterday, and the kids (except the youngest) started back to school yesterday.  So we've been busy with last-minute summer activities and all of the getting-ready things that have to happen before the kids start back to school.  

My school prep so far has consisted of ordering books and getting school supplies.  Books...that is a HUGE difference from the last time I was in school.  I got my other Master's degree in 1995, really in the infant stages of the Internet.  Buying books meant a trip to a university bookstore, finding a parking spot, poring over the used ones to see if any of them looked pristine enough, and then forking over the money.  My, how times have changed.  The professors have emailed the list of books to us.  Amazon has textbooks, even used ones, and I have free shipping thanks to Amazon Prime.  Two days later the books have shown up on my doorstep!  Of course, I still have to fork over the money but at least I'm getting Amex points for that.  Much better than walking three miles in the snow uphill both ways to get those books, by cracky.

The books...this program should be interesting.  The books are really big--and I have five books for two classes.  I'm not even sure we have a book for the other class.  Anyway, lots of reading.  One book is Ethnicity and Family Therapy.  I ordered it and thought, "great, what am I spending my money on?"  But it's so much broader than I anticipated, even going into the Anglo American (otherwise known as WASP) and Scots-Irish backgrounds that I indentify with.  I spent an hour just leafing through it, reading the anecdotes and case studies.   

Other school observations...I paid my fees yesterday.  Ouch.  I had at least partial scholarships and my parents' checkbook as an undergraduate, and I had my company's checkbook for my first Master's degree.  This one is self- (or husband-)funded, and it is expensive!  I suppose I could take on a GRA if I wanted to but that is even more time away from my family so that will wait.  One good thing about the fees, though: every time I fork some money over I do a gut-check.  Is this still what I want to do?  Does this seem like the path God is laying out for me?  So far, the answer is yes.

I also got my student ID yesterday.  A girl in front of me, who looked about ten years younger, was getting her FACULTY ID yesterday.  Yikes.  I've never been or even felt older than my professors.  This is something I've just got to get over but it will take some time, I think.  Not really sure why it bothers me so much, but it does.

I'm still waiting on some of my books, and today I'm clearing out part of my office to make room for all my school stuff.  Judging from this semester I need to make a lot of room for books!

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