Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cleanliness is next to Suburbia

I know why people live in the suburbs:  it's CLEAN.  (Isn't that picture pretty?  just a random google pic)  Going downtown several times a week, I can just feel how grimy things are...the doors and elevators in the parking deck, especially.  Oh, ick.  I am not a clean freak or a germaphobe, but I did just buy some Purell to keep in my car.  

On that note, here's something else that I realized a couple of weeks ago:  DO NOT wear flip-flops downtown.  I had to go get my student ID and a couple of other things.  I jumped in the car and headed to school, not considering that what I was wearing was wrong.  I had on those cute little Clark shoes that are up above.  (I can't figure out how to make pics appear in the text yet!!)

Not bad...they are even patent leather on top, very shoe-like.  Except that flip-flops are like the next thing to barefoot, and on city streets that is just gross.  It took me about a minute to realize how wrong they were!  I came right home and washed my feet.  And I haven't worn those shoes back to campus.  They're reserved for my suburban life.

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