Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School starts!

So school finally started yesterday.  All of the panicking, and then indeed it came down to PARKING.  I left the house a few minutes later than I'd meant to, but still got to campus with about fifteen minutes to spare.  I drove up to the parking deck I expected to use..."FULL." And the entrance was blocked--they really meant it.  No problem, I'll just go to the more expensive lot right around the corner.  "Full," too.  Ugh.  Oh, look, two more lots..."Full" and "Full."  A bigger deck, further from campus.  "Full."  The minutes are ticking louder in my head...I just dread walking in late on the very first day.  

Please, God, just one little space, one open deck.  I drove around the block, and found an unblocked entrance to a deck.  Hallelujah!  And then I drove up.  And around.  And up and around and up and around...no spaces.  Finally, at the very top, I spotted a woman walking to her car.  Miracle of miracles, she walked to a space right in front of me.  (Hey, I choose to see divine intervention wherever I can.)  So I got a space with about three minutes to spare and hightailed it to class.  I got there just as things were beginning.

I'm one of a handful of non-traditional students in this introductory class.  We went around the class, introducing ourselves.  So many straight out of undergraduate programs...how can you know so soon that this is for you?  And how to have the wisdom to be successful?  I admire their clarity at such an early age.  As for me, I love people, love to hear their stories, and want to help them to live the lives God created us for.  But beyond that, who knows?  The professor was talking about identifying an area of interest.  I have so many interests, and yet so little idea of what's possible, that it seems nearly impossible to identify something at the outset of this program.  I want to try so many things...creativity therapies, group techniques, teambuilding, career counseling and assessments, marriage and family therapies, one-on-one therapies with teenagers...This will be an interesting journey.

Two more classes today.  I fully intend to leave earlier, allow myself more time for parking and then maybe I'll post again from campus.  I have so much more to say...

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