Sunday, October 19, 2008

They'll take my gun...

DH and I like to shoot sporting clays. It's great fun, much more satisfying than hitting a little white ball around a course. I found out this week that our 12-guage would have been classified as an assault weapon according to Obama.  This is totally ridiculous.

I believe the Second Amendment guarantees our right to own this firearm. And I believe the First Amendment gives me the right to tell you about this. Please check this out--it's one thing to disagree with me on the gun thing, but crushing dissent about it is wrong, wrong, wrong.

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Dave Sanders said...

Tell Bill that if he ever needs a companion to shoot skeet, I also enjoy that quite a bit. I used to do this in Texas in preparation for dove hunting trips. I haven't been since I moved to Georgia.

Obama better stay away from Southwest Texas!