Saturday, October 4, 2008

First, the Politics

Okay, so it's been a few days.  I want to catch up but I'll do it in a few short posts.  I'll talk about politics first, even though that's not really the point of my blog here, because that's the last thing I talked about.

The bailout, or rescue, or whatever you want to call it--how about graft on top of more graft?  I wanted McCain to start calling people out, talk about why this happened and who took the money.  Most importantly, I believe that any solution that includes Frank, Dodd, Cox, or any of the current Banking and Financial Services committee members is NO SOLUTION AT ALL. Frankly, Frank and Dodd should be doing the perp walk right now, along with the CEOs of Fannie, Freddie, WaMu, and Wachovia.  I'm sick of all of them.  And then, this so-called "urgent" bill wasn't so urgent that it couldn't include, for example, $192 million for our friends the rum manufacturers in the American Caribbean, or several million more for the manufacturers of wooden arrows.  If it was so very urgent, leave out the other stuff.  We aren't stupid, and now we are PAYING ATTENTION. Maybe this is what it took to wake us up.

Second, Palin rocked.  Totally.  I wanted to be convinced that I understood why McCain chose her.  I'm convinced now--I see her strength and her humor and how very down-to-earth she is. Her outsider status is a total asset.  And she held her own against a 30-year Senator for a 90-minute debate.  Did she technically win?  I have no idea. It doesn't matter.  I would trust her to lead the country through a crisis.  

Oh, here are a couple of adds or funny things, all political:

Enjoy!  More to come...

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