Thursday, October 30, 2008

Get your Flu Shot!

Not to be a nag, but the season has begun.  My two-year-old nephew has the flu (confirmed and everything), even though we can't figure out where in the world he caught it.  We are going this afternoon.  The flu isn't something to mess around a minimum it's four days of miserable.  We all had it five years ago, when the youngest was a newborn.  TEN DAYS at the beginning of December with three sick children (ages five, four and two), two sick parents and a newborn. Don't go there.

Just get the shot.

UPDATE:  I have one sick in bed, and it's the day before the second most important day of the year (ask any kid).  AND I have to attend class today because we have an in-class video today. Pray for us!

UPDATE 2:  No flu, no strep. She just has a virus!  So it's rest and cartoons and lots of liquids so she'll recover in time for the "funnest night of the year!"

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Cyrus O'Rourke said...

You got it prayers are on the way for you and all Moms. Sorry can't take your advice, my fear of needles seems to give me a super immunity to the flu, I just don't get sick.