Friday, October 24, 2008

Random thoughts for Friday

A rainy Friday, again.  But we need the rain so much, and it makes it kind of cozy in my kitchen with a second cup of coffee and DD5 (birthday last week) playing with her Barbies over there on the floor.  An ideal time to tie up some loose ends...

When the financial crisis started in earnest, back in September, I wrote a post about McCain suspending his campaign and heading back to Washington.  I was glad he did it, but have been pretty quiet since then.  Truth is, I'm disappointed.  He went back and didn't really DO anything.  It was ineffectual.  I will continue to say that any solution that includes the guilty parties (Dodd, Franks, and let's extend that to Pelosi, Waters and Reid) is no solution to me. And the bailouts seem to continue.  Disturbing.

Closer to home, we can problem-solve in my skills class! Me--the advice-giver--I'm having a hard time with this.  For the last two months we could only reflect and ask open-ended questions.  The shift to problem-solving (admittedly, not the same as advice-giving) is tough.  I find myself tongue-tied part of the time in my interviews.  Practice again this weekend, with another twenty-minute tape.

And finally, the redecorating (here) which started so long ago is coming to an end.  The drapes are being delivered and installed today.  I mentioned that I like to sew, but NOT for my house! So those are arriving and things will be complete. Sort of.  I could use a couple of new lamps, something for the never ends, does it?

We are headed to the lake for a beautiful fall weekend.  The rain should be over by this evening and then we'll sit outside and grill some steaks. And then back home on Sunday for all of our obligations. What a blessing to have a haven to escape to once in a while. Best wishes for your October weekend!


Cyrus O'Rourke said...

The bailout is just the federal government trying to fix something that they encouraged/screwed up in the first place. Sound like they are going to fire off another round of "stimulus" checks hoping to temper our disgust with them. Depending on what day it is or what he is talking about McCain vascilates between spineless and hard nosed. Sometimes I love what he says and other times I cringe... problem is it's usually in the same speech. So it comes down to this, McCain, The Marxist ( I know that just means I'm racist), Bob Barr (won't support a Libertarian until they get their head out of the sand/their butts about foreign policy), Ralph Corvair,and Billy McKinney's prodigy. So I guess I've narrowed it down to John the Republicrat or Cynthia.......little over a week to decide. For great insight into congress I recommend a book by my namesake, P.J. O'Rourke called " Parliament of Whores" some parts are a little dated but the basic premise is spot on. One chapter is titled something along the line of What do they do all day and why the f*ck does it cost so much money? Write on Cheryl.

Anonymous said...

I understand your frustration with our choices but we are never going to agree on everything - with the country split pretty much evenly you have to compromise to get some of what you want. I would vote for Bob Barr if I didn't feel like I was throwing my vote away. So next Tuesday I will pick the lesser of the two evils and vote McCain because I agree with 60% of what he wants to do vs the 10% I agree with Barack (I do agree with the talking to our enemies so I guess I'm a gutless wimp but the point is very few people agree with either canidate on all of the issues).