Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, too.

I've decided to "live-blog" Halloween, in homage to or just plain copying Ann Althouse.

6:30:  The house is quiet...the kids and the neighbors have all left, under the watchful eye of two dads and a bottle of merlot.  I've finished up another Monteagle bag, and will probably start working on a paper due on Monday. (after I get this post going)

6:42:  A bunch of very familiar-looking spooks, angels, fairies and Supergirl just became my first trick-or-treaters.  So far I've had two Milky Ways and three Pixie sticks.  Just writing that sounds gross!

6:53:  I added the picture up there.  This Mac still isn't intuitive, at least for me. 

6:58:  Four Fourth-grade witches.  And I figured out how to one-click this editing.

7:17:  "Halftime!" called by Supergirl (aka DD5).  Only one other little cheerleader at my door.  The paper is progressing.

7:35:  Halftime consisted of water, a candy break, and blankets for the golf cart--I mean, for the cold kids on the golf cart.  DD7 (the sick one) is hanging in there but may quit in a little while. A witch, a pirate and a ghoul have come to the door. 

7:52:  Finally! A traffic jam of golf carts and about ten kids, all boys, all ghouls and soldiers.   Ghouls seem to be really big this year.

8:03:  Good grief...I've sent two emails in the last hour or so and BOTH of them got answered.  I don't know ANYONE who has a life on a Friday...I must really be old.

8:23:  Two belly dancers, with bare bellies.  They looked really cold. (It feels like it's around 55 outside.) And just now a couple of hippies and another pirate.  No real theme is emerging in the costumes.

9:24:  We had a run of kids around 9 p.m.  Mine are still out, but trick-or-treating at the grandparents', so I've decided to turn out the lights at 9:30.  I'm ready for dinner.  I didn't have any more candy after that first post!

9:34:  Everyone's home, lights are out on the porch.  Now it's time for sorting and trading, the REAL point of Halloween.  Good night!

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