Friday, October 10, 2008

Research they could have saved their money on

Via the WSJ today, housewives DO wield power in their homes. The great feminist argument that it's necessary to earn money in order to achieve power parity in your home is not really true for most couples.

You know, really, I could have told them that.  A good marriage relies on shared values, beliefs, and decision-making. (See Ephesians Chapter 5 if you want more details.) DH has his areas he is better at, and I have mine.  And we respect those differences.  Does it take trust and effort?  Sure, but that's life.

Honestly, some of the people who generate this blather about the damaging effects of women making their own choices to stay at home (and not work) need to get out and actually talk to those pathetic women they revile. We have brains, we're not stupid, and we're quite aware of the effects we are having on society--great effects, being home to take care of the kids and the house, volunteer, and create the network of community in our neighborhoods, schools and churches that helps tie us together.  

Wow, that sounded defensive! I suppose it's kind of a relief to find what I know in my heart to be supported by research.

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