Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Read this

Important reading...I'm actually a day late on this article by the esteemed Arthur Laffer.  (Ever heard of the Laffer curve?  THAT Laffer.) So many quotable lines in there about the economy, and it gives a great historical perspective. In my opinion McCain's tax plans aren't great, but Obama's are terrible. Laffer does an effective job of explaining how neither plan is looked on favorably by the markets, and why that is.

Sorry to be depressing...hopefully I'll come across another entertaining video to share.


Cyrus O'Rourke said...

Sounds like the federal government that the constitution intended, take care of national defense, interstate commerce, let the markets work without intervention. I know that not all of the politicians in Washington are that stupid (although quite a few are) but the rest have found the power so addicting that they will never pull back. I'm a finge radical because I believe that the 2nd amendment didn't have anything to do with hunting, target shooting, or even self defense, it was to keep in check a tyrannical government.

Cyrus O'Rourke said...

OK I've decided that I am a fringe radical instead of a finge radical.