Saturday, May 12, 2012

All in the Timing

Yesterday I brought up the interesting timing of a huge piece on Romney in the Washington Post.  The article discussed Romney's gay-bashing ways when he was a prep-school student, and it was published the day after Obama evolved to endorse gay marriage.  It seemed, well, convenient at the least.

The Post's Ombudsman Patrick Pexton wrote about this yesterday evening.  The Post did change some things in the print edition from the (original) on-line edition without being explicit about it.  Then Pexton goes on to discuss the timing.  He says Biden "telegraphed" this as an issue earlier in the week.  Okay, so now we know (if we didn't already) to watch for the seemingly random topic that comes up with an administration official, especially on the Sunday morning talk shows.  They then held the story until after Obama's announcement on Wednesday.  I'm not a journalist, but it looks to me like they just extended the news cycle on the whole "pro-gay Obama" story by an extra day. 

I'm no conspiracy theorist, but something is not right here.  What if--IF--various stories are just held until the "right time?"

Finally, he says this story was in the works for three weeks as part of an extensive series they are doing on Romney.  Great--vet away.  Lord knows we need to get everything out there.  But--where was this for Obama back in 2008?  I'll find out. (But I think we already know what the answer to that one is...)

For further reading, has a more extensive treatment of this topic.

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